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We are pleased to offer the opportunity to sponsor three different fixed Kiddushim to cater for every occasion and every pocket.

We are very reliant on our wonderful band of volunteers, who deals with our Kiddushim.

Special dietary requirements/allergies can, of course, be catered for.

We do set an upper limit for the number of people we can cater for ourselves. Above this we would discuss arrangements with you such as the hiring in of outside help.

Should anyone wish to have a function using menus in excess of the generous ones we offer, then we would class this as a 'lunch' that would follow a normal Kiddush, and the catering and waitresses for that would be done to the individual member subject to our supervision and the purchasing of food from approved suppliers.

Please feel free to come and celebrate your Simcha with us. Contact Carolyn in the office for further details.