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  • Shabbaton Shabbat Away in Bosworth Hall Spa Hotel A great opportunity has arisen for us to join a Shabbaton away with three other communities: Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Solihull. Set in the middle of the countryside, Bosworth Hall will provide the perfect space for us to enjoy a Shabbat together. Activities for adults and children, and plenty of food! Please contact our Rabbi if you are interested. Dates: Friday 29th - Sunday 31st March.

  • Great Challah Make Join the WADS community for this fun and enjoyable annual event on Thursday 28th February at 7pm. You won't be disappointed! You can book online here or email Rochel.

  • Friday Night Dinner Join the WADS community for a traditional Friday Night Dinner on Friday 1st March at 6:30pm. You can book online here or email our Rabbi.

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